Emergency manager announces return to appointment only at county offices

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Due to the increasing COVID cases within Osceola County and it's growing impacts upon county operations, Public Safety, and health/medical partners - I am hereby notifying Osceola County Department Heads & Elected Officials that Osceola County offices will be going back to 'Open to the Public by Appointment Only' status effective 11/11 (11/12 for those with a Veterans Day holiday on Wednesday).

Please be patient as we work out the exact details of how this will actually look returning to work on Thursday as we still have to coordinate with security, get public notices out, make adjustments, etc. The point for department heads and elected officials is that we need MAXIMUM preventative measures to help mitigate the impact to county operations going forward until at least numbers are not rising so drastically.

More information will be forthcoming but please note that it will include increased emphasis on following the county's safety protocols and other measures to ensure that we are doing the best we can to protect employees, maintain county operations, and support our health/medical workers in the frontlines limit the spread of COVID-19.