Elementary students explore the Biodome

REED CITY — Excited and eager to learn, students from G.T. Norman Elementary swarmed about on Thursday, exploring the various ways plants are grown within the Biodome at Reed City High School.

“Our goal is to teach kids that anybody can grow their own plants, their own fruits and vegetables, and have them available as far as a healthy eating program,” said Brad Smith, Reed City High School science teacher. “You don’t have to go to the store; you don’t have to travel a long ways to do it. A lot of what we try to teach as well is that you don’t need commercial equipment to do it. You can use repurposed items.”

The Biodome uses an aquaponic system, hydroponics, dirt beds and compost to grow a variety of vegetables and other plants year-long.

As elementary students traveled around the Biodome, learning about the various plants and systems in place, Reed City High School students explained their purpose.

“The high schoolers learn better when they can teach to the little ones,” Smith said. “The little guys look up them, so it is a lot better than an adult teaching them.”

Plants grown in the Biodome are sold to members of the community, with funds put toward purchasing new plants for the project.