Ebels adds Church Street property to plan

Planning commission approves rezoning

REED CITY -- The Reed city planning commission approved a request to rezone property at 105 E. Church St. from residential to commercial at its meeting July 6.

The zoning change was requested by the Ebels family, who purchased the property as part of the development of the new Ebels Supermarket on the lot of the former Vic's grocery store.

The property will be used to develop a loading dock for the delivery of goods to the new market.

"The plan is to tear the house down, but it will not come down till September," said Fred Campbell, architect for the project. "The Ebels family is allowing the gentleman they purchased the house from to stay in the property until September."

The request will now go to city council for approval, which will include an amendment to the city zoning ordinance.

In addition, the planning commission approved an amended site plan for the project.

According to Campbell, the site plan amendment was necessary because, with the purchase of the Church Street property, an additional 10 feet was added to the building.

"We revised the site plan after the purchase of the Church Street property," Campbell said. "The new plan has grown by 10 feet to the north. We rotated the truck dock to the north to take advantage of the access created at Church street."

Campbell said after speaking with MDOT officials, it was determined that they would only permit right turn traffic from the Church Street exit due to the proximity of the traffic light at the corner of Church and Chestnut streets.

"The intent is to bring the trucks in off of Chestnut, bring them around to the north side of the property and back them up to the truck dock for unloading. Then they will go out through Church Street making a right onto the business route," Campbell said.

The new store will have 21,000 square feet of market space and 159 parking spaces. A retaining wall will be constructed to screen the lights from the adjacent properties. The construction is expected to be completed by February 2021.