Ebels General Store becomes new staple in Reed City

REED CITY — In less than one month since doors opened, Ebels General Store has quickly become the latest staple in Reed City. And many in the community couldn't be happier with the recent addition.

With one Ebels location already established in Falmouth, the unveiling of a new location gives the people of Reed City a grocery destination in their own backyard.

The store welcomed customers through a soft opening in late June and hosted its grand opening July 5.

Ebels General Manager Jack Patty said the opening of a new store marked a proud day for himself, as well as for the Ebels brand.

After a year-and-a-half of construction and progress on the new building, Patty said there was a lot of anticipation leading up to both the soft and grand opening.

“The biggest thing I’m shocked and ecstatic about is just how embracing the community has been about us and Ebels coming to town,” Patty said.

Ever since it was known that there would be an Ebels General Store in Reed City, it has been frequently discussed by members of the local area, particularly on social media.

Patty said he’s glad they now have a store call to their own and stressed how exciting it is to already be embraced by local patrons.

“The folks are so excited. It’s been many years since they’ve had a grocery store here,” Patty said. “The investment in the family is made. This is deep roots to come to town and build a brand new store for this community.”

Patty said it’s been “a great feeling” to see the looks of enthusiastic, curious and excited shoppers passing through the entrance of the store.

While the Falmouth Ebels store has already carved out a legacy over the years with the people of that community, Patty said he feels something similar can occur with Reed City in due course.

“The family has a great, and very much legendary, reputation with Falmouth,” Patty said. “To be able to reproduce that and do it in Reed City with a whole new community of great citizens — we’re just very happy and proud to serve them.”

From start-to-finish, the construction process was something the Ebels general manager said was an “unbelievable experience to see how fast it comes to fruition.”

Herald Review editor Bradley Massman contributed to this report.