Easter egg drop set for Saturday

EVART — When the Evart LDFA and friends hosted the first Easter Egg Drop at Evart’s Municipal Airport last year, they thought maybe, just maybe, a couple hundred kids would show up.

There were thousands!!!

The airport was awash with youngsters sweeping the entire property just north of the runways and clamoring for a chance to collect one, two, or a couple dozen colorful plastic eggs filled with goodies and dropped from the skies by an accommodating pilot.

The event was so wildly successful that the sponsoring team immediately began planning for a second such happening.

The time has come.

The Second Annual Easter Egg Drop will be held at the Evart Airport on Sat. March 30.

Children under 12 and under are invited to collect eggs dropped from the sky this coming weekend when a plane will fly over the airport and drop 10,000 plastic eggs filled with candy in the grassy area beside the runway. The event is free to the public and participants should arrive by 1:30  p.m. Eggs will begin being dropped at 2 p.m. Children should wear closed-toed shoes to the event.

This year, there will be three fly-overs catering to three age groups of youngsters. The first fly-over will drop eggs for kids 1-4 years old. The second will make a flight specifically for kids from 5-8 years old. The last fly-over will be only for kids 9-12 years old. This will hopefully eliminate some of the riotous mad scramble there was last year, and allow kids of each age group a chance to find eggs for themselves without needing to compete with the ‘big kids.’

The Easter bunny also will be at the event.

Juice and cookies will be served at an open house in the terminal building during the event. Everyone is invited to visit the new facility that houses the Local Development Finance Authority.

The now-annual egg drop is jointly facilitated and sponsored by City of Evart Police Department, Evart Area Volunteer Fire Department, Evart Chamber of Commerce, the Local Development Finance Authority, the DDA,  and the Evart Moose Lodge.

There is no rain date planned. If the weather doesn’t allow for a fly-over, eggs will be distributed from the ground by local volunteers

Organizers would like the event to continue annually, and encourage all area families to get out for an afternoon of family fun.