Eagle village receives Chemical Bank donation for sports equipment

HERSEY — For years, a few flat basketballs were among the limited sports options available for Eagle Village students in the school’s gymnasium.

After receiving a donation from Chemical Bank in June, the gym now is packed with sports equipment of all kinds.

Eagle Village instructor Dave McCall applied for the donation last year after seeing a need for more options for physical activity at the school.

“Our opportunities for physical education were very limited,” McCall said. “When I was hired I saw the need for gym equipment and began seeking funds for it.”

Chemical Bank regional bank president Karl Linebaugh said the bank granted the request for funds because of the positive impact Eagle Village has on the area.

“Eagle Village is an important partner in our community. The work that they do for kids is important,” Linebaugh said. “We get a lot of requests for donations each year and we can’t fill all of them, but we felt this would impact a lot of kids in our area.”

When McCall first heard the center would receive $2,000 for new equipment, he was thrilled. He then began gathering student imput as to what types of sports equipment would be most utilized.

“I sent a survey to kids and said, ‘what do you want?’ instead of just picking things out of the blue,” McCall said.

With input from students, the school purchased twelve basketballs, four footballs, six volleyballs, twelve softballs, six soccer balls, sixteen badmiton rackets, four badmitten shuttlecocks, a badmitten net, a set of 19 cones, a ball pump, 12 practice jerseys, two ball bags, two softball gloves, two softball bats, four basketball nets, twelve jump ropes, volleyball net, soccer/broomball goals, a set of bowling pins and a ball, 12 kickballs, a ball cart and a broomball set. The new equipment can be incorporated into curriculum as each teacher sees fit, as well as used during free time and gym time.

“I’d like to thank Chemical Bank for their contribution and gift. We greatly appreciate it,” McCall said. “This (equipment) will benefit kids for years to come.”