EPS to renew funding millage


Voters are in favor of district’s operation

OSCEOLA – As a result of Tuesday’s election, Evart Public Schools will renew its funding millage. A total number of 1,154 people voted “yes” on the millage’s renewal, while 821 people voted “no.”

EPS Superintendent Howard Hyde was pleased with the decision made by the voters.

“It feels great,” Hyde said. “Now it’s something we don’t have to worry about for another four years.”

The millage will help the district collect $1.8 million, which will be used to keep the district operating.

Hyde said he was thankful for the support and the millage approval shows the community’s priority in education.

“I think education is important to everyone and hopefully by this millage passing, it means people think we’re doing a good job,” Hyde added.

The millage will not implement a tax increase. The 22.1148 mills that was passed in the renewal serves as a funding cushion, in case a rollback occurred. The extra 4.1148 mills will allow the district to continue collecting the statutory rate of 18 mills. By state law, schools are not allowed to collect more than 18 mills.

If the district lost $1.8 million, the district would need to shut down, Hyde said.

Herald Review Staff Writer Karin Armbruster also contributed to this article.