EPS board approves outstanding persons in education, resignations

EVART – Two Evart Public Schools staff members were recognized as standouts among their peers.

During its regular monthly meeting Monday evening, the EPS Board of Education recognized Evart Elementary School teacher Michelle VanBuren as the Evart Educational Association's selection as 2016-17 Outstanding Person in Education and Darold Bancroft as Evart Educational Support Persons Association's selection as Outstanding Person in Education.

The board also approved the resignations of Evart Elementary School teachers Andrea Wheeler and Bonnie Villwock, both effective on June 30.

Board members also approved the first reading of several policies.

Board President Alan Bengry explained the policies pertained to insurance and the requirements the district has to have in place, as well as a section about state aid, one about probationary teachers, about student fundraising and crowd-funding.

“The crowd-funding is a new and needs a policy related to that,” he said.

The full wording of those policies are available upon request from the superintendent's office.

During her report to the board, Superintendent Shirley Howard gave board members an update on the the roof project. Concerned about patchwork on Evart Middle School, Howard said she feels better after talking with representatives from Duro-Last.

“We went up on the roof and they said that some of the patches that are there are required,” she said. “In the specifications of the bid we put out, they insisted that there be what looks like a patch in those locations, as that makes the roof more durable.

“Duro-Last assured us that they will take care of the roof for the next 20 years, not the installers. I was pretty discouraged before, but feel better about it.”

Howard also told members they are looking into options for cafeteria tables because the of the new cushioned gym floor at the elementary school. The superintendent said it has become very difficult to move the tables before and after lunch.

“We may have to get different tables, maybe lighter tables,” she said. “We knew they would dent the floors because they are so heavy. Once you move the tables, the dents go away.”

Howard told board members there are broken cables to the curtain in the high school gym. The cables can be repaired by the manufactures at a cost of $6,500, while a new curtain would cost between $12,000 to $15,000, Howard said.

The EPS Board of Education also chose to deviate from its monthly meeting schedule for May. The meeting is scheduled for May 15, to accommodate its selection for a representative on the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District Board of Education.