EMS students recognized at Pride Awards event

Submitted to the Herald Review

EVART — Each and every month, the Evart Middle School family gathers together in order honor students in all areas of the school environment.

From core content areas to attendance, students are recognized for their accomplishments during the celebration. Cheering, clapping and lap drum rolls can be heard throughout this exciting event.

EMS salutes the following student honorees from this month’s Pride Awards:

  • Mathematics Achievement — Kara Henry, Angel Wachner-Morgan, Sebastian Calderon, Hope Green, Logan Staats, Bella Bozeman, Nate Sochocki and James Hamby
  • Social Studies Achievement — Mackenzi VanBuren, Darren Gostlin, Haidyn Simmer, Destiny Murray, Sadie Scott, Olivia Conk, Sebastian Calderon and Sierra Culp
  • Science Achievement — Cameron Brasington, Raigyn Parish, Emeili Bengry, Sierra Heath, Jordin Albright, Danny Witbeck, Katie Rueffer and Jeffrey Junker
  • Reading Achievement — Kamden Darling, Joy Green, Cody Webster, Korey Clark, Rose Clark, Zoe Marnick, Kaleigh Gibbins and Alex Cornell
  • Writers of the Month — Brianna Cass, Arthur Aube, Javin Beard, Angel Wachner-Morgan, Keagan Parish, Makayla Locker and Logan Staats
  • 5th and 6th Music Achievement — Caleb Gerbracht and Farrah Bisel
  • You Make a Difference Award— Kris Barnett and Joy Green
  • “Top 10” Award — Michaela Quist, Jeffrey Junker, R.J. Oles, Kamber Cushman, Korey Clark, Alex Cornell, Bianka Emard, Taylor Vespie, Olivia Conk and McKenzie Barnett
  • Citizenship Award — David Keilman, Gracie Dieson, Madison Parish, Jenna Outman and Nate Sochocki
  • BoxTops Award — Josiah Beard, Hayden Morgan, Jordin Albright, Eli Vincent and Raigyn Parish
  • Attendance Award — Seth Belleville, Sunshine Bowen, Jacob Booher, James Hamby, Morgan Roys, Nate Sochocki, Cadence Lawrence, Emily Dieson, Daulton Higgins and Destiny Murray