EMS, hospital employees participate in simulation

REED CITY — EMS personnel, first responders and Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital emergency staff participated in a simulated exercise on Friday to test ambulance and hospital capabilities.

The roadway of Old U.S. 131 north of U.S. 10 was shut down for the scene where two multi-vehicle accidents were simulated. The drill allowed the emergency responders to face a staged incident, patient actors and other simulations that allowed them to react and test the use of real life systems. Some of the challenges in the scenario included issues of decontamination, public information, communications and incident coordination.

“Our hope is that if we do have a real accident, we have the experience and we’ve gone through it before and we can draw information from this one,” said Osceola County Emergency Management Director Mark Watkins. “We will be testing everything, not necessarily on the player’s actions, but more of what the plan was.”

Once the victim actors were evaluated on scene, many were transferred to Reed City hospital, where staff were on hand to control incoming patients and provide a decontamination process.

Personnel from Osceola EMS, Life EMS Ambulance, and Tustin, Marion and Hersey fire departments were part of the training exercise.