Donations needed for Rocket Football helmets

REED CITY — Reed City Youth Sports is in need of donations for new football helmets to be used by players in the Rocket Football league.

The program is in need of funding for 150 helmets to replace outdated equipment. Fundraising will continue through the first week of September.

Each helmet costs $80 and the names of those who donate $240 or more will be printed on a banner at the field along with how many helmets were funded.

“Anybody can donate, a person, a business,” said Steve Wessels, Flag Football Director for the Reed City Youth Sports. “They don’t have to feel like they have to purchase a whole helmet either. We’ve had some people just donate $40.”

The Reed City Youth Sports program hosts Rocket Football at the sports complex west of Reed City for boys and girls age 8 to eighth grade. Flag football is available for children ages 4 to 7 and participants do not need to be from within the district of the Reed City Area Public Schools. Registration still is open for flag football, which starts in September. Rocket football already has begun, but interested youth still can join the team, Wessels said.

Along with filling an equipment need for the Reed City Youth Sports, the helmet fundraiser also has been a good way for the league to generate support from the community.

“The community is really stepping up and we’re really appreciating it,” Wessels said. “It’s kind of a breath of new life into the program.”

Individuals interested in donating to the program can pick up a donation form at Nestle Inn in Reed City or call Wessels at (231) 629-1748 or Dan Pelton at (231) 499-0230.