Donating your used vehicle could help the environment and save lives

By Kalynne Defever

Communications Coordinator for theNational Kidney Foundation of Michigan

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Consider helping out the environment this fall. By donating your used vehicle to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s Kidney Cars program, you can help reduce environmental waste.

Nearly 80 percent of the material from your vehicle can be recovered and reused. The NKFM’s Kidney Cars program collects this material and recycles it, putting to use new material that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. By donating your vehicle to Kidney Cars you will not only be helping to keep scrap metal and glass out of landfills, but also to save the lives of those with and at risk for kidney disease.

More than 900,000 Michigan adults have chronic kidney disease and most don’t even know it. About 70 percent of kidney failure cases in Michigan caused by diabetes and/or high blood pressure (the two leading causes of kidney failure) could have been prevented or delayed with early detection and a healthy lifestyle. By donating your used vehicle to Kidney Cars, you can raise money for the NKFM’s prevention programs which help people in the community to manage diabetes, high blood pressure and other leading causes of kidney disease.

The NKFM will arrange to pick up cars, trucks, boats or motorcycles for absolutely no charge. Vehicles or parts are then resold, ensuring the vehicle is completely reused and recycled. All proceeds from your charitable contribution will go toward the NKFM’s lifesaving programs and services for fighting and preventing kidney disease in Michigan. As an added bonus, you could even earn a tax refund for your donation.

Create a healthier environment for your loved ones while helping to save lives throughout Michigan by donating your vehicle to Kidney Cars. For more information, call the NKFM at 800-488-CARS (2277) or visit