Dollar General opening in Tustin

TUSTIN — Tustin will be home to a new Dollar General store in a few more months, according to workers on site.

The store is being built at the main intersection in downtown Tustin, at a crossroads leading from the freeway to the west, Kettunen to the east and toward the library and elementary school to the south.

The old building still stood back in September during Tustin Days, and in October, was the subject of an artist’s painting. A woman taking part in a Kettunen Center based program worked from photographs of “that lovely old building in Tustin.” Now it is a beautiful painting and some fond memories.

In November, work was well underway by Visser Brothers Construction, and by mid-December, huge crossbeams were being raised into place.

There is a Dollar General Store located in Reed City, and the store carries a variety of goods including clothing items, stocks some groceries, outdoor items, and one man said, “It’s going to save us trips to another town.”

Undoubtedly, it also will bring people into the community to shop for certain items that will become available, and increase business at various other stores in Tustin and restaurants as well.

The community has a variety of activities throughout the year, and this will be one more draw to come to Tustin.