Delta Kappa Gamma educational honorary society awards grants to teachers

MECOSTA COUNTY — An educational honor society has made it a little easier for teachers to provide special projects to their students.

Teachers in 13 classrooms in Mecosta and Osceola counties were awarded grants for their classrooms last week. Teachers will be able to use the grants for special projects they have planned for their students.

Each fall, Delta Kappa Gamma awards dollars to teachers for classroom activities they might not have the resources to put together. Thirteen of 50 teachers were recipients of this grant.

“The grant is one of our focus projects each year. We are an organization of teachers and we realize how important it is to provide meaningful experiences for our young people. We especially enjoy assisting people who are just beginning to teach,” said Nancy Lashaway-Bokina, president of Delta Kappa Gamma.

Recipients of the 2016 grants were: Jeanna Lamar, Big Rapids Elementary and Middle School music; Kenneth Bankwitz, Crossroads Charter Academy High School math; Kathy Jenkins, Reed City High School special education; Amber Lockhart, Crossroads Charter Academy physical education; Colleen Baker, Reed City Middle School English/language arts; Bethany Wieber, Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District Eastwood Early Childhood Center preschool; Kari Rayburn, Big Rapids Preschool Early Childhood Special Education Program; April Szymanski, Big Rapids Middle School special education; Jill Talicska, Chippewa Hills Barryton Elementary; and Brand Bennett, Big Rapids Middle School math.

Additional grants were awarded to Jeanette Fleury, a member of DKG who works with MOISD Transition Center students learning to weave baskets; Marcy Jaques, a member of DKG who also is a special education teacher in the Tri County Area Schools district; and Delphine Defever, a member of DKG and fourth-grade teacher at Big Rapids’ Riverview  Elementary.