Dance team wraps up season

Eight dancers, ranging from freshmen to seniors, made up the RCHS Dance Team this year. Many of them have danced together for years at Rhythmic Sky Studios, providing for a lot of experience on the team, which showed in every performance this season.

The girls helped out a lot with the choreographing along with coach, former Dance Team member, Ashley Bregg. This was the only Dance Team to perform 7 different dance routines in one season. That’s a lot of choreographing and practicing for these girls with their already packed schedules of school, dance classes and cheer practices. Spectators commented that they were more than pleased with the entertainment during halftime at the games. Many even wanted to see more performances at the other home basketball games, and not just at boys varsity. Members of the team take that as a huge compliment from the community.

“I couldn’t be more proud as a coach with how far the team in general has come, even from last year. They more than doubled their performances, did a wide variety of dance styles and even started to venture out to perform in the community. I really hope that they all come back next year, because it can only get better from here.”

Performances included a special tribute to family members lost in the community, a fun holiday routine in elf outfits and a Valentine’s Day sweetheart dance to a song from the movie Grease. The last performance labeled their “Showcase,” was done to the popular song “Blackout.” It definitely showcased their talents in hip hop, jazz and ballet. Great job to all of the Dance Team members: seniors Alex Baughan and Marissa Kohn, junior Sarah Sheldon, sophomores Tristin Hartley and Miranda Battle, and freshmen Natalie Baughan, Allison Schermerhorn and Madilyn Allen.