Cub Scouts host Pinewood Derby 2020

Event delayed due to coronavirus.

REED CITY -- Reed City Boy Scouts of America Troop 74 held its annual running of the Pinewood Derby June 28, at the scout building located at 223 E 5th Ave.

Cubmaster Russ Nehmer said, the Scouts have been running the Pinewood Derby since 1953.

"Our local Pack has been taking part in the event for over 60 years," he said. "It's a tradition that goes way back in the BSA organization. It is that day in the life of a Cub Scout when he is given a block of wood, four plastic wheels, a little bit of paint and told to make a car that will go fast."

Racing began as soon as all the cars were entered. Scouts competed in age categories for Best in Show and First Place through Third Place trophies.

Winners in each category:

• Tigers Den: Wyatt Griggs -- 1st Place, Eric Skutt -- 2nd Place, Damien McGhee -- 3rd Place/Best in Show

• Wolf Den: Benjamin Visner -- 1st Place, Travis Kadwell -- 2nd Place/ Best in Show

• Bear Den: Brayden Fairchild -- 1st Place, Michael Visner -- 2nd Place, Justin Dennett -- 3rd Place, Matthew Kage -- Best in Show

• Arrow of Light: Ira Spaugh -- 1st Place, Alystair Nehmer -- 2nd Place/Best in Show

• Scout Leaders: Cubmaster Russ Nehmer -- 1st Place, Bear Leader Delbert Dennett -- 2nd Place, Wolf Leader Rob Visner -- 3rd Place, Tiger Leader Susanne Spaugh -- Best in Show

• Sponsors: Overall Winner -- Yoplait Oui Team, Best in Show -- LeBaron Financial

The Derby was originally planned for February, but was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We were fortunate to try again to run it, but we were under some new very strict guidelines by the BSA and council for re-engagement as scouts." Nehmer said. "Some scouts chose not to participate or be around crowds, but left cars to be raced for them, and several sponsors chose not to attend, but we showed their support with our banners and signage."

Attendees were asked to wear masks, or other face coverings, and to stay at home if they were feeling ill.

As a precaution, the amount of people allowed in the facility at any one time was limited in order to follow safe distancing and extra safety and sanitation measures were in place.

"Although it was hot, our concessions was busy cooling off spectators, including Yoplait with their new GoGurt line," Nehmer said. "Success is what you make of it. Even under the new health and safety rules we made the best of it."

Troop 74 would like to thank all of the sponsors that supported this event.

Other upcoming events being planned include a car show at the Scout House for the weekend of July 18 and 19, to raise money and awareness for the Reed City Veterans Memorial Park.

"We will have music, raffles, food and some cool cars," Nehmer said.

Registration will begin at 10 a.m. Trophies will be awarded at 3 p.m.

For more information contact Russ Nehmer at (231) 667-0555 or Lynn Woods-Williams at (231) 832-0079.

The Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet will be held July 19. Additional information will be available at a later date.