Crossroads Community Church welcomes Weissenborn as new pastor

EVART — A new face has been added to the leadership at Crossroads Community Church in Evart. On Nov. 9, Wisconsin native Paul Weissenborn was installed as senior pastor.

"What I try to do is get to know people of the church and the community," he said. "Through the church, I want to bless the community — a family at a time, a person as a time, a neighborhood at a time.

"I'm looking forward to really advancing the church and getting to know the congregation. I love to see people's lives changed and make a difference through Christ's love in me."

The call to become a pastor didn't come to Weissenborn right away. He studied geology in college, then accepted a job in Oklahoma. There, he met his wife, Vicki. After she earned her degree, the couple moved to South Dakota for Weissenborn to attend grad school. They married and he took a job in Salt Lake City for 18 years. During that time, the pair adopted their two children, Matthew and Amy.

Although he grew up in the Catholic church and became a Christian while in the fifth grade, it wasn't until 2001, at 41 years old, that Weissenborn answered the call to become a minister. He attended seminary school at Columbia International University, received his master's degree, and is on his way to earning his doctorate.

"I felt a calling and I decided I wanted to work more directly with people," he said. "As time went by I just grew and grew, learned so much, and got involved with Bible study fellowship in Salt Lake City and it make a big difference in our life. It caused us to really be more attracted what the Bible says.

"My relationship with God is very personal, intimate and it causes me to have a passionate mission-filled life to accomplish what God wants me to do."

After beginning his pastoral career Salt Lake City, Weissenborn and his family spent the last decade in Oakdale, Calif. However, he had an increasing desire to return to his Midwest roots and the denomination he connected with most.

"Sometimes you sense a leading or you want a fresh start," Weissenborn said. "I decided I wanted to preach at the Evangelical Free Church of America, where I started."

A thorough search process matched him with Crossroads Community Church and after interviews and visits to Evart, he believed the location was where he was meant to be.

"I just love the heart of the people here," Weissenborn said. "I have a real passion for teaching God's word and reaching the community with the love of Christ. If we teach people about Jesus and they understand that, it can change their life; and when I saw that fit in with the people here, that made me really desire to be here."

Another way he enjoys spreading the message of Christ is through mission trips. Weissenborn has served in many places throughout the world, including Thailand, Africa, India, Cuba and Central America. The opportunity allowed him to develop leadership and teaching skills with youth.

Weissenborn also wants to make a difference in the Evart community based on God's word. Already his family has participated in community events, and Weissenborn wants that aspect of outreach to continue.

"We want to be a church that would be really missed if we weren't here," he said. "Our goal is to reflect the 'Great Commission' from the Book of Acts. We mean that to be: reach people locally, try to make a major difference in people's lives, help people be transformed, try to break the cycle of poverty and try to bring truth into people's lives."