Creating memories

REED CITY - Warm summer days have helped create the perfect setting for outdoor activities.

A lot of children just love getting out of the house - especially if it means getting down and dirty.

This past Art in the Park session was all about getting hands dirty. The theme was clay, and there was something for everyone.

Young children measured and mixed various batches of homemade play-dough. They were not only colorful, but also smelled great as Kool-aid was a key ingredient. An easy to follow recipe made it very kid friendly and non-toxic. Little hands spent the morning rolling out the dough and making shapes with cookie cutters.

A more challenging project was the making of plaster of paris to place in molds. The mixture has to be just right to allow for proper drying. Handprints, patterns, stones or beads can be pressed into the plaster before it dries completely. It makes for a perfect memory of childhood.

Art in the Park is not only for young children. Teens and adults have just as much fun making crafts. Ceramic items were available for hours of painting fun. The paints and glazes didn’t exactly look like the color it would be after being fired in a kelm, so there was an element of surprise for the artists.

Mugs, vases, and plates were among the choices.

There was a project for everyone in the family to make and take home with them. The best part of it all, though, would have to be the memories of spending time together.

Art in the Park is a fun family event that is absolutely free. Take a trip to Rambadt Park in Reed City this Saturday, Aug. 11 for the next session.

It runs from 9 to 11 a.m. and the theme will be weaving.

Make more memories with your family this summer.