Coyote football team set to start practices on Monday

REED CITY — All that awaits the Reed City Coyotes to the official start of practices is Midnight Madness on Monday.

The Coyotes completed their summer practice schedule with a home camp last Sunday through Thursday, followed by a 7-on-7 passing camp on Saturday at Alma College.

Coach Monty Price said he had about 60 players of all high school grades during the skills camp at the practice field.

“Overall, we were very pleased, “Price said. “The numbers were good, attitudes were good, effort was great and I’m happy with the progress our athletes made over the course of the week.”

The Coyotes had to battle hot weather, especially on July 24.

“It was humid (Sunday) night, then we got some rain,” Price said. “There was no thunder or lightning late and we were able to get it in.”

Like any practice time when it’s hot, Coyote coaches stressed drinking “lots of water” to their players.

“We’re beginning to install all the things we do offensively and defensively, at least the fundamental stuff, with an extremely fundamental technique emphasis,” Price said.

This week focuses on strength and conditioning.

The Coyotes were at the Alma College passing camp on Saturday and scrimmaged, Corunna Michigan Center, Lansing Eastern and Whitehall.

“We had right around 20 kids,” Price said. “I thought they competed hard. It was another learning opportunity for us. We competed hard, perfected our craft and I thought we did well.”

Last year’s starting quarterback Leland Yonkin graduated. Senior Derrick Rasor returns to compete for that spot. Sophomore Jackson Price is also working with the team at quarterback.

“Those are the two we’re looking at for the varsity level,” Monty Price said.

The passing scrimmage enabled the Coyotes to work both on offensive passing and defensive pass coverage skills.

“That’s our priority,” Price said. “Obviously our passing offense isn’t a major component of our offense. We do work on it. But we’re especially there to play (pass) defense. Ironically our schedule this season will be composed of teams that like to throw ball. I’ve heard Grant is going to a spread offense. North Muskegon is spread. There will be a lot of spread teams.

“We got a chance to put in all our coverages and work on adjusting those coverages to formation. The big thing is communicating and knowing where your help is and being conscious of your team and everyone’s contributions out there on the field at once and making the defense one unit.”

The Coyotes will be at the football field late Sunday night and start their practices at midnight. The Midnight Madness session goes for about 75 minutes.

“It’s something our kids look forward to,” Price said. “We typically have a good crew of community people, family, friends and parents to watch it. We keep it going.”