Coyote Corner: Snow day procedure

By Paul Lewis

Facilities and Transportation Director

Reed City Area Public Schools

When it is deemed necessary to cancel classes and or events, or close the Reed City Area Public Schools for any reason, it is the goal of the District to make the decision as quickly as possible so that there is a minimum amount of confusion.

For snow days, we will attempt to make the decision no later than 6:00 a.m. In certain situations, it may be possible to make the decision to close the evening before classes, but it is more likely to be decided the morning of school.

We are up early and drive the main roads and the back roads checking conditions in the four counties that the district resides in. The transportation department is also in contact with neighboring districts to check on the conditions in their areas. There can be a substantial difference in snow accumulation from Chase to Evart.

In the event it is deemed unsafe to travel the roads the Superintendant of schools is notified and he makes the official call to cancel school for the day.

The appropriate information will be supplied to local radio and television stations. In addition, the information concerning the cancellation of school will be posted on the District website  The Transportation Department can be reached at 231-832-2432. Due to the size of the district, over 215 square miles, it may be awhile before anyone is back at the garage to answer the phones so keep watching for updates on the television and listening on the radio.

In the event that school is cancelled after school sporting events still could take place if the driving conditions improve throughout the day. After school cancellations will also be listed on the school website.