Coyote Corner: Emphasize the importance of …

By Tom Antioho

Principal, Reed City High school

We have just completed the seventh semester of this year’s graduating class’s high school career and within a few short months we will be celebrating yet another group of students departing from Reed City High School into the real world. Along with the pending excitement of moving forward in one’s life and leaving behind the experiences of the past, one needs to take time to realize that there is a brand new world out there that they have not participated in. Challenges will be there awaiting their arrival. Actually, it is not just the graduating seniors you have these challenges confronting, but all of us have to endure what many might call obstacles.

As we move forward into areas of the unknown and uncertainty here are some things I hope that we can rise up and be prepared for.

I can’t help but emphasize the importance …

  • To increase your awareness in personal relationships and professional situations. Do not be afraid to move others with your vision, ideas, values, emotions and humor.
  • To expand and increase your knowledge of the world and all of its relevance. Become familiar with man’s greatest accomplishments and contributions. These will bring a new level of understanding to the workings of the world. We are global now you know!
  • To develop positive moral values, the confidence to adhere to them, and the courage to defend them. Base your beliefs on honesty, kindness, justice, and equality this will create a person of integrity that will be quite welcome in a society that is centered on self-indulgence and jaded values.
  • To assert your individuality, you must grow into the person that you can be proud of and one who can love, live, and learn.
  • To accepting responsibility and be true to your commitments regardless whether they are personal, professional, or social. Ones actions speak volumes to their character. Do not lay blame on others for your faulty decisions, non-focus, or lack of total commitment. Strength of character, success, and happiness cannot be handed to us by others, but rather are created from our deep internal beliefs.
  • To seize control of your lives and choose the road that is best suited for you. Remember results are not always immediate, but are worth the wait in most cases. Plan for tomorrow!