Coyote Corner

Getting math help for students with Middle School R.A.P. time

You may have heard Reed City Middle School students talking about “RAP Time” at school.  RAP Time is not an opportunity to sit around and talk as it sounds.  “R.A.P. Time” is a program we added the last 25 minutes of the day.  The acronym R.A.P. stands for Remediation Application and Planning. RAP Time is a time for Remediation in all subjects but with a special focus on Math.  During RAP Time students are allowed to work on their assignments from the day from any subject.  In addition, all math teachers have open labs during RAP Time and students are allowed attend math lab whenever they need it.  Math is a subject that middle school students often struggle.  This is an effort to get extra help to those in need. Application is in the acronym because RAP Time is a time to do assignment and apply new knowledge that has been gained in the classroom.  This additional time is beneficial to the many students who have difficulty getting assignments completed in a timely manner.  The RAP Time teachers check to make sure that all students are using the time wisely.  Teachers share daily assignments so when RAP Time comes, all teachers know what the students should be working on. Getting organized and Planning is an area where many middle school students struggle.  To help with this, all RAP teachers require that students fill out their planners daily.  Research has shown that students who use planners and stay organized achieve more in school.  It is with this in mind that we have this requirement. RAP Time takes place in a homeroom setting where teachers have the opportunity to get to know each student on a personal basis and to help them be successful in school.  In school we try to create as many mentoring type situations as possible.  We know students will do better if they connect with a staff member who believes in them. What if students are caught up on their assignments?  We have a couple options.  Students who are caught up are allowed to tutor others during RAP Time.  Tutors may receive extra credit in that subject for working as a successful tutor.  Caught up students may also be allowed extra reading time.  We know the value of time allowed for independent reading is very beneficial.  It is proven that students who read a lot are more successful in school. In an effort to reward positive behavior and motivate students we actually give grades to students for working during RAP Time.  Students are told what expectations are based on the above. Social contribution, attitude, planners filled out, working on assignments, assisting others, and behavior are all things that are considered in evaluating students during their RAP Time. In summary, Remediation, Application, and Planning are the focus of our afternoon program.  The time is specifically designed to help meet the educational needs of all middle school students.  Research has identified these areas to be particularly helpful to students who are socially and emotionally of middle school age.