County commission honors Marion woman

By Randy Johnston Special to the Herald Review

REED CITY — At the Osceola County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20, the board recognized Marion resident Peggy Hoard for her service to the community.

County commission chair Larry Emig presented a certificate of appreciation to Hoard recognizing her years of dedicated service and efforts on behalf of the health and welfare of the citizens of Osceola County.

The certificate commended Hoard for “sharing her talents on working on grant applications, recruiting workers, coordinating services and efforts with the tire recycling program.”

“Peggy is a super lady,” said Emig. “She’s done a lot for the community and we want to support and recognize her for her efforts, especially the scrap tire collection drives. They bring real benefits to the county and have a big impact on improving our environment.”

Commissioner Jack Nehmer explained the board presents commendations of exceptional achievement when an individual demonstrates “outstanding service and goes above and beyond.”

Hoard was born and raised in Marion and lives on the family homestead. She has held the position of Middle Branch Township clerk and currently serves as deputy township clerk.

For the past four years she successfully submitted proposals to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and was awarded grants totaling $45,000 for the cost of trucks used to transport the tires. The four collection drives resulted in the removal of more than 27,000 scrap tires from the county.

Hoard recruited volunteers from each township and inmates from the Osceola County Jail to help unload tires from residents’ vehicles and load them onto trucks.

Capt. Russ Wayne of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department worked with Hoard during the last two tire collections.

“I worked with Peggy as a Hersey Township trustee as well as part of the sheriff’s office,” said Wayne. “It’s a hot and dirty job loading tires onto the trucks. She got volunteers from all the townships to help out and county jail inmates who can work off community service. I appreciate what she did. It really helped clean up the county.”

“I’m very humbled and very thankful to the board for their kind expression of appreciation,” said Hoard. “And I want to acknowledge everyone who helped out with the tire drives. The volunteers from the townships who loaded the tires onto the trucks did a great job. And thanks to the commissioners for keeping the work release program in effect in the county so we could get help from inmates from the jail. They did a great job, too. I appreciate everyone who helped out.”