REED CITY – The Osceola County commissioners voted to set the salaries for the County Commissioners for the 2021-2022 term the same as the current rate at its meeting Aug. 18.

“The current sitting board determines the compensation for the board for the next term,” County coordinator Susan VanderPol said. “Two years ago the board took no action to raise the commissioners’ salaries, so the salaries today are the same as for the prior term. They have not been raised in three and a half years so the board will need to decide so I know what to put in the budget for next year.”

The current annual salaries are set at $8,000 for the commission chairperson, $6,500 for the vice-chairperson and $6,000 for all other commissioners, VanderPol said.

BOC chairman Jack Nehmer asked the members if that was something they want to adjust or leave it as it is.

“Until we can get our budget balanced, I feel that I don’t deserve any additional pay,” BOC member Tim Michell said.

BOC member Roger Elkins agreed saying, “I am in favor of leaving it as is and if we need a motion for such, I would be willing to make that motion.”

The board voted unanimously to maintain the current salary rates.

In other business, the BOC approved the application for the Child and Parent Legal Representation Grant.

Heather Streicher with Osceola county Family Probate Court told the BOC that the federal grant funding allows enhancement of legal services to families and youth and allows their attorneys to be more involved in efforts to establish permanency for the youth.

“This year we were awarded $13, 638,” Streicher said. “This will allow attorneys to attend family team meetings and do paperwork regarding extra services for our youth and help keep the children safe and in the home. This year will be the same amount as last year and we are asking boards’ approval to apply.”

The board also approved the discharge of mortgage for Viola Wooll of Marion.

“Wooll has paid off, in full, a lien of $5,000 to the county for home repairs and is asking for a discharge of the mortgage,” Osceola County Community Development director Dan Massy said.

The Osceola County Commissioners will meet at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 1. For information on how to participate in the meeting visit or call 231-832-3261.