Counseling center opens in Evart

EVART — A new business has opened on Main Street in downtown Evart that offers both young and old the chance to heal, learn about themselves and find serenity.

Holly Wolfe just opened the Counseling and Encouragement Center, located at 210 N. Main St. Although minor finishing touches are still needed, the office offers a warm, safe, welcoming and relaxing venue for those who are in need of assistance. Adults and children are welcome to discuss issues including grief, abuse, communication, anger management, anxiety, divorce, depression and more.

"I like helping people and encouraging people," Wolfe said. "I think life should have hope, people should have peace and I think there is joy to be found in life."

She is a licensed professional counselor, who has 10 year's experience, received her master's degree from Central Michigan University. She also is a professor and adviser at CMU.

Wolfe has the ability to relate to people, listen and hear what people are really saying and assist them find a path to achieving their goals. She uses a number of therapies, such as art, writing and talking to help clients through their troubles. Positivity and excluding as much stress as possible is important.

"People don't stop, we don't breathe," Wolfe said. "The less stressed you are, the easier it is to cope with your problems."

Although the facility is Christ-centered, she said clients do not have to be Christian or seek Christian counseling. Care and encouragement are her main focus, along with confidentiality and helping those who walk through her door feel safe.

"What's said here and done here stays here and stays private," Wolfe added.

Starting a counseling center in her hometown is exciting and something to keep her looking toward the future.

"I finally have it up and running and I want to be active here," Wolfe said. "I feel really strong about being here and helping this community."

Typically, appointments are 50 minutes long once per week. For scheduling, call Holly Wolfe at (231) 388-4496 or visit