In the Pioneer-Osceola Edition published Wednesday, Feb. 8, an article discussing the continuing work and the development of new projects and initiatives by Albright Camp’s director Dennis Dull bore a headline announcing he was retiring.

This is far from accurate.  Dull not only is still working, but is also creating new ways to reach out to people throughout the community while expanding his topical lecture and training program that already has been available to business entrepreneurs, social program workers, and others.

His most recent project includes a “ ... five-point plan which will include looking at building foster care programs for under-served groups, public speaking for community motivation, grant writing for education and health as well as other needs, fiduciary techniques, and “taking a technical look at all the free stuff available” to motivate and move causes and meet needs.

The program is called “Simply Speaking.”

The editor apologizes to both the article’s author and to Dennis Dull for any discomfort or inconvenience by the mistake made in the titling of this article written about a good man doing good things.