Cooking matters

REED CITY — Eleven participants attended the first class of a free seven-week cooking series offered by Michigan State University Extension on Tuesday, Oct. 8.

The group was lead by Renee Bisel, who discussed dietary needs according to the USDA, serving sizes for all food groups, label reading and how eating breakfast every day is important to a healthy diet. Each attendee received a booklet filled with facts, recipes and more. Other class topics include healthy snacks, shopping smart, planning balanced meals, food safety at home and tips for eating out.

Chef Bill Martin also was on hand to offer advice in the kitchen when it came to knife safety, how to chop food properly and easily and tools often needed in the kitchen to make preparation efficient. He helped lead the group to make a healthy multi-grain pizza filled with toppings of onion, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Participants took turns preparing the vegetables and making the meal, which they were able to eat after it was baked.