Construction continues on Chestnut Street Bridge in Reed City

Road closed to through traffic

Construction continues on the Chestnut Street bridge over the Hersey River in Reed City.

The road is currently closed to through traffic. The bridge is expected to remain closed for approximately two months.

Contractors have begun emergency beam repairs that will partially address the bridge deficiencies to take the bridge out of the three-ton weight limit in order to accommodate heavier emergency vehicles and some trucks until permanent repairs can be made.

The city was informed by MDOT in October that the bridge was in need of repair and an inspection of the bridge showed significant deterioration in sections of the bridge and holes in the beam ends, which made the bridge unsafe for traffic over a certain weight limit.

It was temporarily closed, at that time, while load limit signs were put in place limiting traffic to a 3-ton weight on the bridge.

The permanent beam and deck repair project is currently scheduled to take place in 2024.