Commissioners discuss Rose Lake tower building

OSCEOLA COUNTY – A small building to house equipment for the Emergency Management Department and Mecosta-Osceola Transit Authority radio system near Rose Lake has become more work than originally planned.

The county approved $3,300 bid from Anderson Builders to build the storage building for the Rose Lake radio housing project, replacing the former building that was broken down.

The bid was approved with the Mecosta Osceola Transit Authority contributing $1,000 and the remainder to come from contingencies.

The commission amended the motion at the April 17 meeting after receiving word that MOTA may not be able to pay the full $1,000. The amended motion stated the county would pay what MOTA could not of the $1,000.

Brad Halladay, county maintenance director, approached the board of commissioners Tuesday with information that the building that was contracted to be built as an 8 by 10 ft. building, actually measures 8 by 8 ft. and he has been informed by contractors that more inspections and Federal Communications Commissions specifications must be met before the building can be used.

“This could turn out to be very expensive,” Halladay told commissioners.

Dave Brooks, chairman of the board of commissioners, noted that without knowledge of all the project’s expenses, he did not feel comfortable putting more money into the project.

“I thought this was something we could put a few thousand (dollars) into and have a building up and running,” Brooks said.

Commissioner Tammy Stoner, lisensed in tower inspection, agreed to donate an inspection and report for the radio tower. Brooks said he will donate an electrical box for the project. Commissioners ended discussion with a request that Emergency Management director Mark Watkins brings back more information about the total cost of the project.

Commissioners also heard from EMS Director Ed Nettle, who has narrowed down proposals from architectural firms for the building of one or two potential EMS bases from 14 proposals to five. The board advised Nettle along with County Coordinator Sue Vander Pol to narrow it down to two potential firms and present them to the board for interviewing.

The board also approved the re-appointment of Dave Brooks and Marco Mendez to the MOTA Board of Directors, who both currently serve on the board and terms were to expire May 31.

The next board of commissioners meeting will be May 15 at 9:30 a.m.