Commission approves EMS lease agreements

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Osceola County Board of Commissioners approved the continuation of two ambulance storage leases in Evart and Marion at an Oct. 1 meeting.

One of the Osceola County Emergency Medical Service ambulances is housed at the Evart Fire Department and the other is located at the Marion Fire Department. The leases expire on Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, said Osceola County EMS Director Jeremy Beebe.

In Evart, the lease costs $900 each month during a two-year agreement and there is no cost for housing the ambulance in Marion. Beebe said it is beneficial to approve the same agreement in Evart and to ask to extend the lease agreement in Marion until April, when the new permanent EMS base is complete.

Both lease agreements were approved by commissioners.

In other business, Osceola County Emergency Management Director Mark Watkins asked commissioners for permission to apply for a grant from the Osceola County Community Foundation to benefit emergency management personnel. Watkins said the grant would help purchase a work trailer, which would greatly decrease deploy times to an emergency. Instead of personnel loading supplies into vehicles before traveling to an emergency team, the trailer could hold all necessary items.

Commissioners approved the motion.

The county commissioners also approved the purchase of a new paper folding machine for the price of $12,685 from Automated Business Equipment.

The next meeting of the Osceola County Board of Commissioners will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 15 in the Osceola County building, located at 301 W. Upton Ave. in Reed City. The meeting will include a public hearing for the 2013-14 budget.