EVART — Urban art.

An important concept in creating a community love for the arts, and a well-developed appreciation of an expression of artistic enthusiasm.

Urban art.

In Evart, high school art teacher Jenneke Erbes is hoping to get community support for a fascinating project promoting not only an artistic ‘voice’ for young EHS artists, but also opening up the art program to a outreach.

“I have a class that is partially focusing on community art,” explained Erbes. “We have been brainstorming ideas and projects to create for our community - besides the windows we painted and other decorations we created for Homecoming.”

And after brainstorming, the kids and their teacher came up with an idea.

“Students decided they want to show more school spirit throughout the community,” continued Erbes. “The idea they came up with is life-size human sculptures, (actual molds of students in my class), performing a school related activity — and made out of clear packing tape.

“Students are having a great time creating these sculptures.

“So far the sculptures we have in progress are a runner, a cheerleader, and baseball player, a graduate, and a student enjoying a book.”

Now, the class wants to expand the outreach part of things.

“We were wondering if businesses would like to sponsor a life-size sculpture to be displayed inside or outside of their business - visible for the public to enjoy,” said Erbes

“If businesses are interested, we are asking for a $100 donation per sculpture. This covers supply cost and helps fund-raise for the art department.

“If this takes off and businesses would like to participate- we have about one month left to create a few more sculptures.

“We hope local businesses are as excited as we are about displaying our work and school spirit throughout the community.”

So now they wait.

The sculptures are ready ...waiting for a home.

If a business is interested please contact Erbes via e-mail erbesj@evart.k12.mi.us or phone (231) 734-5551.