Citizen donates $20,000 to RCAPS

REED CITY — On Monday evening, the Reed City Area Public Schools’ Board of Education announced a citizen from the community donated $20,000 to employ an officer liaison.

Last year, the district made a budget reduction that ultimately eliminated the liaison position. The donation, made by Albert Rohe, will bring back the position.

“We could no longer pay for it,” said Daniel Boyer, school board president. “Oftentimes, these decisions are difficult for school boards because we know this position is good for kids.”

The officer liaison position helps secure safety at the school by maintaining a relationship with the Reed City Police Department.

“What citizens rarely do is step forward, open their wallets and say, ‘This is important enough to me that I will donate $20,000,’” Boyer said. “That’s what happened here. We don’t want to take things away and citizens don’t want us to take things away.”

Rohe said he realized the need for the position and felt he should contribute to the cause.

“We had a rare gentleman who not only pays attention to what’s going on in his community, but is willing to go above and beyond to do the right thing for his community,” Boyer said.

Rohe was honored with a certificate during the board’s monthly meeting.

“Mr. Rohe has recognized the importance of a liaison officer for our school, our community and our kids,” said Tim Webster, superintendent of RCAPS. “It is a wonderful gesture of good will. We are pleased and tickled that he’s willing to do that for us.”

Police Chief Chuck Davis said he thought he found someone who was a good fit for the position, but the prospective liaison committed to a position elsewhere.

“We’re trying to fill this position — we’re back at the drawing board,” said Davis. “This position helps the school tremendously.”

After honoring Rohe for his generous contribution, the board recognized Monty Price, RCHS football coach and principal, for his 100th victory in his 15th year leading the Coyotes.

In other business, the board approved the hiring of several employees, including part-time teacher assistants Tammy Dyer, Patricia Hazen and William Lutjens. The board also approved the hiring of a part-time secretary, Eckle Halladay.

Jason Woods, general facilities and maintenance employee, and Rob Horan, computer technician, were approved to be transitioned from part-time to full-time employees.

The board also approved a motion to grant permission for RCHS’s band to travel to New York City from April 22 through April 26, funded by the RCHS’s band members and band boosters.