REED CITY — The highly anticipated Church Street renovation project is pretty much “a go.”


But not this year.

The United States Department of Agriculture has approved plans for a complete renovation of Church Street and additional work to infrastructure in the immediate area. Funding for the project will be freed up.

It is, however, too late in the construction season to even think about beginning work this year.

Reed City planners are looking forward to seeing the project move forward in the spring of 2012.

“We have already advertised for bids,” reported city manager Ron Marek.

“We expect bids back by the start of November. We will review those bids and then carry out a rate study to see if our current water and sewer rates in this community will support such a project.

“If they don’t and we can adjust rates while not hurting our tax paying residents, we may do so.

“This takes a lot of planning and review. There is a specific formula for setting rate structures, bonding, and the like.”

This review will be the final “go/no go” portion of the project.

“I don’t think there will be major delays now,” continued Marek.

“I think enough work, planning, and evaluation have already gone into this project that we know what to expect and what will be coming along in the future.

“We are pretty close to getting to a point where we are ready to get going in the spring.”

With  the bidding process already under way, and when the rate study soon to begin, Marek expects the City Council will award a contract yet this winter, which allow a contractor to plan for the future and look to a quick start in the spring in 2012.

“Everything really is falling into place,” said Marek.

‘Things are going well. It’s been a long time in coming.

“Folks are really going to be happy when this project is completed.”