REED CITY — Members of the community are invited to celebrate with more than 250 preschool through second grade students, day care program participants, parents and teachers as they walk in a parade through Reed City.

Mecosta-Osceola Great Start Collaborative Coordinator LouAnn Gregory said the children’s parade is an annual event that seeks to bring a positive experience for the participants.

“We celebrate young children and try to bring attention to the early childhood years,” said Gregory.

She added those years in particular are important for the child’s development and using hands-on experiences and play time helps them learn and grow.

“Those early years can set the tone for the rest of their life,” Gregory said.

The parade will begin at 1 p.m. April 24 at G.T. Norman Elementary School. Children will travel to Upton Avenue and walk through the downtown area before returning to the school.

Gregory said she hopes Reed City citizens and visitors will stop and commemorate the children as they walk through the neighborhood.

“Join in the festivities and come down to the business district and cheer them on,” she said.

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