Centennial Farm group plans gathering, area visits

OSCEOLA COUNTY — When it comes to knowing history, what to do, who to contact, and how to organize, it’s a cinch Wava Woods will be willing to take on the job and follow through. That’s the kind of woman she is, according to those who know her.

And those who don’t? Hang around and check it out.

Woods loves working on the history of centennial farms throughout not only Osceola County, but neighboring counties as well. Not only does she help with the research, she has put together volumes of information that is now available in many homes and a number of libraries.

Those volumes include the research of many families, part of the line of family members who once owned, lived in, inherited or bought the property as it filtered down through family after family.

In addition to that interest, Woods has a big interest in the Osceola County Barn Quilt Trail. Well, in addition to that, she is pretty immersed in collecting materials for a book to be published about Albright Camp.

For now, the focus needs to be on the centennial farms and barn quilts.

She is busy setting up the program for the April 26 Michigan Centennial Farm Association Annual Meeting, along with a trip winding by bus through area counties, a tour that will treat the passengers to a trip to see many of the barn quilts already up throughout the area.

Woods said the meeting will be at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Big Rapids. Registration begins at 9 a.m.

A whole gamut of people will be at the meeting to share information and conduct business, including those who own farms certified as Centennial Farms, those who are uncertified but have farms 100 or more years old, and those who are nearing either status.

Ryan Oldenburg will be one of the speakers. His topic will be Lessons from a House Genealogy: A Look at the Michigan House through Time. Trent Hilding’s program will be Succession Planning for the Centennial Farm Following 2010 Legislation.

The afternoon will provide time for a bus tour which will see some instances of viewing not only barn quilts throughout the area, but a number of them actually held aloft by a barn located on one of the Centennial Farms. There are currently more than 50 barn quilts along the trail in Osceola County alone.

Registration for the event is $15 per person. Registration forms are available by contacting the Michigan Centennial Farm Association at P.O. Box 80151, Lansing, MI 48908, or by e-mailing micentfarm@yahoo.com, The registration deadline is April 10.