Candidates list filled for May school elections

OSCEOLA COUNTY — In May voters in Osceola County’s four school districts will be replacing members of local Boards of Education whose terms of office are coming to an end.

In each of the four school districts, candidates filed for a number of seats on local boards of education — some filling vacancies and others for full-term periods of office.


In Evart, one partial term board of education seat needs to be filled for a two-year term. Appointed incumbent Alan Salinas is the only candidate filing for that position.

There are also three candidates running for two seats in terms ending in 2015. They are incumbent Kelly Millen and newcomers to Rosie McKinstry and Charles Walter.


In Reed City, one vacant seat filled by an appointed board member, Ed Raby, needs to be filled. One candidate has filed for that posting — Ed Raby.

There also are two four-year terms seats that need to be filled. Two candidates have filed for those places at the board table — incumbents Kathy Yost and Dan Boyer.


In Pine River, two seats are opening up for a term to last until 2015. Three district residents have filed to make a run for that place at the table. They are Denise Brock, James Peterson and Ronald Brissette.


In Marion, one seat is opening up for a four-year term. One candidate from the district has filed to make a bid for the seat - Denise Miller. There is also one two-year term opening. One candidate, Chris McCrimmon, has filed as a candidate for that seat.

The regularly scheduled 2011 school election date is May 3.

While the deadline for candidate filing has already passed, the deadline for proposal filings was this week — Tuesday, Feb. 22.

As the Osceola Edition went to press, it was not yet clear which school districts in Osceola County might have issues other than school board elections on the ballot.

Taking advantage of the May election, the Township of Hersey will be placing a road maintenance millage before the voters.

The Osceola County Clerk’s office will be coordinating the elections in all four districts – not at individual school board offices.

The election polling places have been ‘consolidated’ with voters being asked to vote in centralized locations rather than in every individual precinct in the county.

Voters in the Evart district will have a chance to vote in the Community Room at The Depot.

In the Marion district, voters can cast their ballots at the Marion Township Hall in Marion.

In Pine River, residents can vote at Ellsworth Township Hall in Luther, the LeRoy Township Hall and the Burdell Township Hall.

In the Reed City district voters can make their choices in their district polling places at the Green Township Hall, the Hersey Township Hall, the Chase Township Hall and the Community Room at the fire station in Reed City.

“I really encourage people to get out and vote,” said Osceola County Clerk Karen Bluhm.

‘School board elections are the real grass roots expression of our political system. The results of these elections have a lot of immediate impact on our communities.

“If you want to have a say in what happens in your community you have to vote.”