COYOTE CORNER: New opportunity for 6th graders ‘transitioning’ to Reed City Middle School

By Tim Webster

RCMS principal

REED CITY - Our middle school students rotate through “Enrichment” classes in six week increments.

We offer sixth graders Art, Computers, Health, Fitness, Recreational P. E., and this year we are offering a “Transitions” course.

The Middle School Transitions course teaches academic, social and emotional skills that will help students make a successful transition to middle school as well as help them to become well-rounded individuals who succeed in all areas of their lives.

Students need guidance and emotional support as they transition into middle school. As they move from having one instructor and one classroom to having a different instructor and classroom for each subject, they may lose the connection, comfort and safety of elementary school. New friends will be made, popularity will change,and peer pressure will grow.

Middle school students have more freedom and responsibility than in grade school. While this is an important time for students to start building their independence, instructors can provide guidance and support to help make the transition smoother and more successful. Teachers can also reinforce the skills students learn in their daily classroom routine. Supporting students at this stage can be crucial in helping them keep a positive attitude toward school and identifying academic, social, and emotional problems that need to be addressed early. Hormonal changes brought on by puberty affects adolescents physically and emotionally. This program is designed to assist students with this transition, so they can feel confident and ready for success in school and beyond.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Before You Begin (Middle School vs. Grade School, Time Management, Goals)
  • Study Skills
  • Gifts and Talents
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Understanding Accountability
  • Excited for the Future

We are excited about offering the new Transitions course and are hopeful that students will reap the benefits for years to come.