As members of the Greater Reed City Area Recreation Authority study over the initial documents prepared by LIAA, the consulting firm hired to assist the committee with its initial work, they are doing so with a keen eye for any corrections, omissions or additions that need to be dealt with in the second draft.

According to Ron Marek, Reed City city manager, he has submitted paperwork for the second draft, and the transparency of the work as it is done continues. One area addressed was LIAA’s makeup of the “Steering Committee.” That has been corrected by the GRCARA to show the following individuals as the actual members of that committee: Ron Marek, Marlene Fatum, John Calabrese, Bev Proefrock, Patrick Kailing, Maynard Bluhm, Paul Thibodeau, Edith Betzing, Dwight Gingrich, David Bisbee, Jeanette Hayes, Kevin Rambadt, Phil Rathbun and Dan Massey.

Those individuals will represent their respective member municipalities including the City of Reed City, Village of Hersey, Hersey Township, Lincoln Township, and Richmond Township.