CMDHD offers Maternal and Infant Health Program

REED CITY — Central Michigan District Health Department offers the Maternal and Infant Health Program (MIHP) for women who are currently pregnant and for infants up to 1 year of age who are enrolled in or are eligible for Medicaid insurance coverage.

Visits are offered by experienced and caring registered nurses, social workers and registered dietitians in the office, in the family’s home or other site most beneficial for the clients.

MIHP program staff provides parenting and childbirth education, as well as health, nutrition and infant and maternal bonding information. The goal of MIHP is to educate and assist families to get to know all of the resources available to them in their communities and help them access these services when needed. MIHP visits can be combined with WIC visits for convenience.

Recent research shows participation in MIHP does the following:

n Pregnant women receive prenatal care earlier and more often.

n Infants receive well child care earlier and more often.

n There is a positive relationship between being on MIHP and having a healthy baby.

MIHP offers referrals and payment for childbirth education classes and parenting classes. Staff can assist clients in accessing transportation help through their Medicaid Health Plans, as well as providing some transportation assistance not covered by their Health Plan. Clients who

participate in MIHP value having someone to support them outside of their medical visits for care.

For more information, contact the Central Michigan District Health Department Reed City office at (231) 832-5532 or visit