RCMS Art Club students learn a little bit of everything

REED CITY — Makayla Hyden has an artistic flair for painting — but anything to do with art catches her attention.

However, on Monday, Makayla’s hands were caked with streaks of clay, as she and about a dozen others with the Reed City Middle School Art Club were getting a hands-on lesson in clay, making luminaries.

“I like art club because of the cool activities you get to do with art,” she said. “I got into art early.”

The sixth-grader said she prefers painting, and has an easel at home, but is happy to try something new — even clay.

“You can make anything out of clay,” she said.

The Reed City Middle School Art Club is an opportunity for Makayla and about a dozen other middle-schoolers to express themselves using the different mediums, said art teacher Vicky Krantz.

“We try to use all mediums of art,” she said. “We have a project and put on the music and the kids go at it. They really love it.”

Krantz said this is the fourth year for the art club and it has grown in popularity.

“There was a need for something like this club,” she said. “Not all of us are into sports, so they get an opportunity to do something creative. You don’t have to push them to get to work

. They love art and they want to be here.”

Some of the students did not have art while they were in the elementary school. Krantz said the club provides them a way to try something they like to do.

“It’s been a great thing,” she said. “We used to meet once a month, but now we’re meeting a couple of times each month.

Sixth-grader Briana Barone said the art club provides her a chance to do something fun.

“I get to create new things every day,” she said. “Every time we’re here we get to do something really fun.”