Building a business, investing in community

SEARS — As more and more farmers, landscapers and homeowners look to more natural and organic ways to take care of their fields, parks, and home environment, there are growing and continuing opportunities to supply “green” solutions to agricultural and horticultural problems.

Brad Morgan has been doing so for years, ever since he recognized he could make a decent living by dealing with the south-end supply-side of various critters.

While doing so, Morgan has remained locally located, and locally focused.

Quite a few years back, Morgan realized that manure is money, and worm castings are cash.

Morgan is a successful businessman having turned his DairyDoo composting business into a well-recognized supplier of high quality, fully natural composted manure to private and public institutions and operations around the Midwest. A few years ago, his efforts earned him a feature spot in an Action Institute documentary on the entrepreneurial spirit in the United States.

The spirit is still strong at the Morgan farm. The latest endeavor involves serious growth of his direct market operation.

Folks driving along U.S. 10 east of Evart have been watching the steady, gradual construction of a new market facility at Morgan’s DairyDoo headquarters.

For years, locals and visitors to the area have been stopping by “the shed” to pick up a bag of mulch, a truck load of composted manure, or a bucket of bird seed.

Now, the Morgan team are getting ready for the grand opening of a new, and very expansive retail operation that will give many more options to shoppers in need of garden and feed supplies close to home.

“This expansion is a good indication that were are growing and will continue to try and grow as a locally based business,” said Morgan Composting owner Brad Morgan.

“More over, the opening of our new retail store is a good sign to everyone — business people and customers alike — that businesses in our community can grow and succeed.

“We need to not be afraid to invest in our community. If we, as people who have grown up and lived here all our lives, aren’t willing to invest in our community, it’s pretty hard to ask anybody else to come in and make a serious investment here.

“We’re proud to be part of the growth of the Evart area, and Osceola County as a whole.

“This is a good place to live, and a great place to do business.”

Morgan’s ag operations began as a dairy farm, morphed into a cow manure composting company, added worm farming, grew to be a mover and shaker in the “green” business community, and now is creating a serious retail presence along U.S. 10 specializing in good, wholesome supplies for home and garden.

“It’s been an adventure,” Morgan said.

“As we’ve moved from one stage of growth to the next, we’ve always wondered if this was a good move.

“We needed to be confident in what we were doing, and in our support system — local customers and our community.”

Morgans has gone from being strictly local, to selling much farther afield and even developing Internet sales into neighboring states. They have 35 dealers in the State of Michigan just for their specialized potting soils and the DairyDoo label is being marketed in Indiana, Ohio and over the border in Canada.

The Morgan team are becoming well-known for both offering educational programs, and for hosting seminars and workshops on the topic of green agriculture for farm operations big and small, and home gardeners as well.

Part of their new building has been designed with space for future programs involving both research and development of new products, and education of the public in “green” ag and horticulture methods.

There’s a lot of vision for the future as well as planning for the present at Morgans.

As the company looks to the future, the new ‘barn’ at Morgans speaks to their commitment for today.

The store and office building was constructed with local labor, local contractors, and local building supplies and materials.

“We tried to keep every dollar invested in this business local,” Morgan said. “We occasionally had to spend some money out of area to answer specific needs, but we did the best we could to pump money back into our community throughout the project.”

Now, as the store shelves fill with more and more stock daily, the Morgan team look forward to their grand opening — on Mother’s Day weekend May 6-7.

“By that time we’ll have our greenhouse open and plant stock in place,” said Brad.

“We’re hoping folks will come out and join in our celebration.

“It really is a celebration of the community and our investment in our neighborhood.”