HERSEY — With a bottle of syrup and a stack of 15 steamy pancakes, seven contestants took their seat at the breakfast table at the Hersey River Town Festival on Saturday.

After two minutes of dousing their plates with syrup, eaters were given three minutes to pack their mouths with as many pancakes as possible, while maintaining proper etiquette by eating with a knife and fork.

In a neck-and-neck battle of stuffed mouths and laughter, Kyle Marvel came away with the victory by eating six pancakes in three minutes. Marvel won $100 donated by Crossroads Chevrolet.

“I just shoved them in my mouth and ate them,” Marvel said. “I always eat too fast.”

Other competitors include Mo Riddle, Brian Wayne, Hersey Congregational Church Pastor Ed Raby Sr., Kevin Bowling, Jamie Magnusson and Pioneer intern Emily Grove.

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