Black bear spotted in Reed City

REED CITY – A black bear that was spotted on June 13 in Reed City has not been seen since.

Reed City Police were notified of a sighting at 8:50 p.m. near Shakers Party store on Chestnut Street.

Police received several calls as the bear then took a zig-zag path through town, before heading into the woods behind Reed City Middle School.

Officer Matt Decker of the Reed City Police Post said three sightings have been reported in the past four days and several have been reported over the past 10 years.

Pete Kailing, of the Department of Natural Resources said bears typically come out of the forest if they have a food source. Traps are normally set after the bear’s food source has been removed and it still is sighted in the area, Kailing said.

“If the bear returns and becomes a nuisance, we’ll do something, but our policy is to try and encourage people to discourage the bears by taking away food sources,” Kailing said. “Typically when you eliminate the food source, the bear moves on.”

Live traps have been set south east of the city in hopes of catching the bear and moving it to a more remote location.

To discourage bears, residents should take in food sources such as bird food, sweet cakes and cat or dog food.

If the bear is seen again, people should make a loud noise such as banging on a pot and call the Reed City Police Department at (231) 832-3743.