Evart Elementary students learn positive actions

EVART — When bucket-fillers Jan Merz and Brooke Johncox visited Evart Elementary school on Sept. 20, students learned how to fill each other’s buckets. In a hands-on assembly in the school’s gymnasium, students engaged in an up-beat presentation of how to be a bucket-filler and not be a bucket-dipper. With the concept that every individual has a bucket which can be filled or emptied based on actions they make, the bucket fillers encouraged students to make positive choices. Actions such as complimenting someone and doing what their teacher says are ways to fill their bucket, while misbehaving or bullying someone is a way to empty their buckets as well as the buckets of those around them. The best part of being a bucket-filler, Merz said, is when you fill someone else’s bucket, you fill your own too.
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