Baseball cap, blood found in roadway in Clare County

CLARE COUNTY — The Clare County Sheriff’s Department is looking for information regarding a suspicious and bizarre situation that happened Saturday night.

At around 11 p.m., the Clare County Sheriff’s Department responded to a suspicious situation on Cooked Lake Road, south of Eight Point Lake Road, in Garfield Township. Police were called when someone reported hearing what was believed to be a car crash in the area.

Upon arrival, deputies found that there were no victims, vehicles or vehicle parts in the area. Deputies did find a yellow colored baseball cap and a small amount of what appeared to be fresh blood on the roadway. Deputies canvassed the area, talking with neighbors and businesses in an attempt to find out more information about anyone possibly walking in the area or vehicular traffic, but have not received any information that could be substantiated thus far.

Detectives were told there was a silver colored van that had driven through the area around the same time, but have eliminated that there was any involvement with that vehicle or the driver.

Detectives are asking the public for any information they may be able to provide regarding the incident, whether it be seeing someone walking in the area with the described baseball cap, vehicular traffic seen in the area around that time or anything else that may be able to be provided to find out what may have occurred at the location. The public is asked to call the detective division at (989) 539-7166 with any information they may be able to provide investigators.