Barn quilts added to ‘Trail'

HERSEY — Two more wooden quilt blocks are already ready at the Marion site where they are created under the careful supervision of Elsie VredenBurg, coordinator of the on-going project.

Both are currently being displayed in the window of the shop which is located in downtown Marion.

A block in a big, bold pattern painted in red, white and blue, will be displayed at the Hersey Township Hall. The other is a smaller somewhat more complex pattern and that particular block will grace the post office building in Hersey.

These two blocks make 42 for the county at this time, with at least eight more already ordered. New maps are being created showing the trail throughout the county.

Anyone interested in ordering a block in either a 4-by-4 foot or 8-by-8 foot size may contact VredenBurg at Marion, or through OLAH in Evart.

Another new one was attached recently to the small barn at the Farmer’s Market location in LeRoy.