BACK IN TIME — Dec. 21

30 Years Ago

DECEMBER 16, 1986



REED CITY – The Osceola County Board of Commissioners finally have the county’s phone system in working order.

Commissioner Gene Pawloski told the commission Wednesday that the county would be credited for $1,538.30 on one of their two most recent statements.

In July, the commissioners hired Carol Forwerck, a communications consultant from Traverse City, to make recommendations to decrease phone costs and increase departmental accountability, all in an effort to save the county money.

Forwerck informed commissioners that they were being billed for $500 in monthly phone services they weren’t receiving and were receiving $2,000 in monthly services they weren’t being billed for.

In September Forwerck told commissioners that she was negotiating the matter with Michigan Bell, and the final billing adjustment would be in favor of the county, which it was, to the tune of $1,538.30.

50 Years Ago

DECEMBER 22, 1966


Some really nice decorations around Reed City and vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson left Tuesday for a two weeks’ vacation in Florida with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Corey.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Elofson, of Grand Rapids, and Judy Eggert, of Flint, spent Sunday with their parents, the Alex Churches.

Mrs. Violet Eshchenweck called on Lula Smith on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mead left for Toronto on Monday.

Clifford Sparks called on Mr. and Mrs. Alex McLachlan one day last week.

Mrs. Blanche McLachlan called on Mr. and Mrs. Delbert McLachlan on Sunday.

Gloria Parsons spent Friday at Jerri White’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Corey and Michael called on Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Brigham Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Leach had Sunday dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Sparks.

69 Years Ago

DECEMBER 18, 1947

(There is no 1946 microfilm)


~ BUT ~


We are now making 3 regular trips weekly, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between our branch store, “The QUALITY DRY CLEANERS” of Evart, and our main plant located at Lake City.

This improved service means that any garment left at our dry cleaning store on Saturday or Monday will be returned Wednesday evening - - expertly cleaned and pressed with each individual order placed in a protective paper bag - - ready for you to call for Thursday morning.

Likewise, any garment left on Tuesday or Wednesday, and Thursday or Friday, will be returned on Friday and Monday evenings respectively.

We offer this improved service as a gift to our customers and thank them for their local patronage during the past year.



Phone 20   -   Evart

Branch of


~ ~ ~


Miss Marjorie Peel, of Grand Rapids, Lee Peel, of Kalamazoo, are spending the holiday season with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Peel.

90 Years Ago

DECEMBER 24, 1926


Lloyd Oehrli arrived in Hersey last Friday to spend the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Bertha Oehrli, before returning to his school work at Shepherd, where he is an instructor in Science.

Glenn Steinhoff returned last week from his employment in Detroit and was the guest of his grandfather, George Steinhoff, Sr., the early part of this week.

Saturday, Mr. Pomeroy motored over from Reed City and called on his friend, H. Hintze.

Charles Stone, of Big Rapids, was in town Friday evening on business.

Weinrich and Hoffmeyer, plumbers, of Reed City, were doing work in Hersey on Saturday.

Monday, G. Golombisky and wife, of Hartwick, were in town as Mr. Golombisky had court business. They also took the baby to see Dr. G. A. Vail.


Daniel Follis and wife and family, of Commerce, Indiana, and Mrs. Ila Rosbrul and daughter and family of Chester, Indiana, were visiting at the Monroe Fallis home from Monday until Thursday. Mrs. Monroe Fallis accompanied them back to Indiana.

110 Years Ago

DECEMBER 21, 1906



Osceola No. 4

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cook attended a concert at Marion on Thursday evening last.

E. Dearing and Miss L. Lloyd, of Sears, spent Sunday at D. Ogilvie’s.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Andersen, Friday week, a healthy son.

Quite a number of people from Highland and Avondale attended the gathering here last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, of Evart, spent a few days with the latter’s brother, Mr. Biggs, of this neighborhood.


Mrs. Tiny Walter and two little sons have gone to Temple to visit relatives.

Herbert Belcher and Clarence Huffman started Tuesday last to Boyne Falls to work this winter.

David Gardner, of Gratiot County, is visiting at J. H. Loucks’.

The snow storm we had these last few days has stopped most all movement on the roads.

Sereno Covert has bought of Norman Van Ness, of Thompsonville, the 40 acres of land in the southwest corner of section 28, Orient.

At the special school meeting last Monday night Frank Pitts was elected director to fill the vacancy of Myron Griswold, who resigned.

130 Years Ago

DECEMBER 24, 1886


Mrs. Lawrence Cranston has had several sinking spells the last few days.

The Pie Social which was postponed last week will be given at Mr. Gregg’s on Tuesday next. Don’t forget it. All are invited.

Priest’s hay press has moved off south of Evart to do work in that locality. Now is the time to get that kind of work done, while the weather remains unseasonably warm and dry.


One of the most severe rain storms which has ever visited this section was that of two nights ago. The rain began to fall about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and continued far into the night.

About six inches of water fell during this time, but we have no very great losses to record resulting from it in this immediate vicinity.

Several small bridges have gone out, and a number of roads have been blockaded.

In the neighborhood of Reed City the damages are estimated at $200,000. Every dam – three in number – on the Hersey Creek went out, including Morris and Martin’s, Bittners’ and the dam at Hersey village; in carrying out the latter the new bridge on Main Street was swept away.

As bad as this was, had it been snow we would have probably seen between three and four feet of snow on the level with drifts of many more feet than that.