REED CITY — The last two sessions of Art in the Park had participants very busy with African and Asian-themed projects. African artists are well known for using a lot of color when making their creations.

Using natural resources like grass, dried gourds, wood, or seeds bring an earthy look to their art as well. During the last art in the park session, participants had many projects to choose from which incorporated those two qualities. Even though it was a beautiful day, the sound of rain could be heard from the rain sticks made from cardboard tubes and rice.

Then came the many bright colors of the rainbow as several artists painted designs on dried gourds while others made very unique designs with sand in a variety of bottles. There were no two pieces of art that looked alike.

A couple of young boys tried their hand at making a picture using various seeds, beans and dried grass. Art in the Park is not only for young children, it is for anyone young at heart. A grandmother visiting from Florida enjoyed making several pieces of art to take home with her.

For this past weekend’s Asian theme, paper making was the favorite project. After blending a mixture of water soaked paper and glue, it was pressed on a screen to remove the moisture.

Then everyone decorated their paper with colored scraps, glitter or dried flowers. Another fun craft was stamping with rubber fish and starfish. Children learned to reverse stamp by rolling paint onto the fish and then pressing the paper over top of it.

The results were very interesting leaving more of a screened print look.

This program has been going during the summer for many years now and the attendance always varies. Trying to schedule around vacations, holidays, graduations and other summer events becomes very difficult and not everyone wants to get up early on a Saturday morning. But for only two days a month, it is well worth setting your alarm and heading out to the park for free, yes I said free, fun and crafts for the family.

Don’t miss your last chance to join in for this summer’s session.

The next date for Art in the Park is Aug. 13 at 9 a.m. at Rambadt Park. Art projects will be created around the theme of Mardi Gras. Come out this Saturday with the family for Art in the Park, where you are the artist!