Art in the Park series begins

REED CITY — Contemporary art was the theme of this summer’s first Art in the Park.

Donna Wheeler, organizer of the event, gave kids and parents a short introductory lesson about the very popular artist, Andy Warhol. They saw examples of his famous repeating art, like his Campbell’s Soup Can art, which was the inspiration of the day’s art projects.

Younger artists made posters using post it note shapes, creating colorful patterns. Teen artists tackled a more involved project, cutting out candy wrappers and making collages on small storage boxes. They even got to eat a few pieces of candy to get enough wrappers, but a few were up to that challenge without any hesitation.

All the projects came out wonderful and showed each person’s individuality.

There was a fairly small turnout on the first weekend. However, the morning was filled with beautiful weather and those that came had a lot of fun.

The next session will be on June 18 at 9 a.m. in Rambadt Park. Projects will be centered around 3D painting.

There is always something for every age group and skill, so everyone gets to participate.

Bring your whole family to enjoy a free morning of fun and creativity.