Another term

Crawford to seek re-election for Osceola County Sheriff in November election

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Residents of Osceola County will once again see a familiar name on the ballot when they cast their votes for sheriff in the November election.

Right now in his fourth term, Osceola County Sheriff Jim Crawford is looking to add to his 16 years in the position by seeking re-election for another four years.

“I really enjoy my job and working with the public,” Crawford said. “It’s a different day and age than when I started. I worry about my deputies. Most of them are young guys with kids and they are out there every day. We’re a small department. We don’t just work together; we’re friends. With my experience, I’d like to see another term and ensure everything keeps going well.”

Crawford has worked at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office for 29 years, first starting as a dispatcher in the days before Meceola Central Dispatch. He then went on to work in corrections.

“Then the sheriff asked if I’d like to go on the road since they were shorthanded, so at age 49 I went to police academy, which was very interesting,” Crawford laughed. “So after receiving my certification I worked as a deputy for a few years, and then decided I wanted to run for sheriff.”

While Crawford acknowledges many things have changed since he first started, one thing that’s stayed the same is some of the duties he performs.

“I’m different from probably 99 percent of sheriffs in the state because I still work the road,” Crawford explained. “For the first three hours of my day, beginning at 7 a.m., I’m in the car doing traffic stops. In fact, in the last few weeks I’ve made two arrests on warrants during traffic stops.”

Crawford also makes it a point to interact with the numerous communities in the area.

“I try to hit a different community each day, whether that’s Tustin, Evart, Marion, Reed City or LeRoy,” he said. “I like to think if someone needs to talk with me they will see me out in the community and they can approach me without coming to the station. And if they call and want to meet I generally will. I’ll meet them somewhere to talk about their problems and try to solve them. I can’t always solve the issue, but I will listen and sometimes that helps, too.”

While he has considered retiring, Crawford ultimately realized he’s not quite ready.

“I still like working and think it’s important to have experienced people here,” he said. “I just like my job and the people I work with.”

According to the Osceola County Clerk’s Office, Crawford is running unopposed.